Kind-hearted beggar gives money to stranger who begged him in viral video


A elderly Nigerian beggar has by his action shown that people can still be generous despite having little to give.

The beggar gave money to a man without realising that he was being put to a test to see the amount of human kindness in him.


In a video circulating online, a young man was passing by and saw a beggar, he decided to beg the man to help him with the sum of N20, so that he can buy water.

Without hesitation, the beggar quickly reached for his breast pocket and parted with the money.

Some moments later, the young man returned, telling him that it was in fact just a test. He thereafter returned the 20 Naira and also offered the beggar some money.

The video of the encounter has melted the hearts of many people who praised the beggar for being so kind despite his situation.

Watch video HERE

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